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The Low Down:

Can I submit manbabies that I have made?
Yes, send it with a subject line of: "We Did it!".

Please read "What are the guidelines for a ManBaby?" in the Full FAQ.

Can I submit a picture for you guys to do?
Currently, this is not done regularly due to time constraints. However, if you would like to have a manbaby personally made for you, we can do that for $15 a pop(baby?) via paypal. Contact with a subject line of "Personal Manbaby Request" for more details.

I've submitted a picture, but I haven't seen it on the site yet. What gives?
It's not you, it's me. But seriously, we have a pretty good backlog and we plan on getting through everything eventually, so keep submitting strong. Also, make sure that your submission is up to snuff with the guidelines below.

Have a question not here? Check out the Full FAQ on the blog.

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